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What Does e4-12 Mean?

The "e4-12" name comes from Ephesians 4:12 where the Lord gives gifted teachers to the church to equip the saints for ministry and build the body. Our goal is to assist churches by graduating Christian leaders who are

  • competent in Biblical and theological knowledge
  • strong in their personal faith
  • skilled in ministry
  • outstanding in communication
  • prepared to understand and engage their culture with courageous proclamation of the gospel and confident defense of the faith.






Course Description: A survey of the background and messages of the New Testament books. Focus is placed on the spread of the gospel and its mandate for us today. Exposition of the major doctrines of salvation and the church are presented.

Our Objectives: Defend a biblical worldview using the basic tenets of Christian theology, Preach/teach hermeneutically sound messages and Bible lessons, Utilize modern technology to enhance ministry effectiveness, and Communicate the message of the Gospel to our culture and cross culturally.

The classes will begin meeting August 17, 2021 for 12 weeks, concluding November 2, 2021. Class typically meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend free of charge. The course consists of 12 weekly classes that incorporate a video lecture, workbook and textbook reading, and in-class discussions. Additional reading resources may be provided for private study during the week.

Attendance for every class is not mandatory as we recognize the balance that busy lives require. A Completion Certificate will be issued for all who attend at least 75% of the lectures, per the university's guidelines.

The textbook and workbook for this course can be purchased directly from Amazon and the university's bookstore, respectively. The contact information will be available prior to the beginning of the course.

For more information, please contact Mike Baker at 501.286.0852 or by email at

This course is in cooperation with Carolina University in Winston-Salem, NC and can be part of a Master of Arts degree in Ministry. If you are interested in seeking credit toward a degree, you can find more information at:



New Testament Class will be offered starting August 17, 2021
We will meet on Tuesday's 
at 6:30pm for 12 weeks
in the Fellowship Hall at UVBC.




To register click here to send an email to Mike Baker.







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