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Tommy Miller

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Bro. Tommy started as Interim Pastor at UVBC in December 1986, then was hired full time in January 1987. He is one of the hardest working preachers in the world! So if you need to reach him leave a message or txt him at 501-412-8246, or send him an email at

He has been married to Vickie for 40 years. If you need to talk to Ms. Vickie call or txt her at 501-412-8247. 

Church Office Phone Number 501-882-6189




Click here to listen to one of his recent sermons

Minister of Youth

Casey Longing

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Casey is in the office Monday - Thursday 8am-3pm
Office Phone: 501-882-6189
Cell Phone: 501-288-3679





Full Name: Clinton Casey Longing

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Team: Beebe Badgers, but I'll always be a Russellville CYCLONE at heart!

Gadget: any coffee pot!

on the iPod now: The Darlin's from the Andy Griffith Show

Favorite Restaurant(s): Kandela's, Colton's, & Lynn's Kitchen

Favorite Quote: "Act Like Somebody" - Andy Griffith

Favorite Verse: Job 23:10

Hometown: London, AR

Birthday: February 23, 1969

Wife: Lynn, she's the FIRE in my furnace!


Children: Caelyn, Cade, Laney 

If you have a prayer request send Casey an email at

Do you need to talk to Casey?  Calll him at church at 882-6189 or on his cell phone at 288-3679.

If you have a need let Casey or Lynn know, because they care about YOU!

Visit the Youth Ministry page to learn more.





Minister of Music

Tyler Lee

Send Email  •  (870)809-2966

Bro. Tyler is in his office Monday- Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Office Phone: (501)882-6189

Cell Phone: (870)809-2966



Bible Verse(s): Psalm 51:17, Galation 2:20, Romans 1:16

Worship Band: Hillsong United 

Worship Song: Transfiguration by Hillsong Worship

If you have any questions about any of our Choirs or the Worship Team or if you have a prayer need please feel free to contact Bro. Tyler. 


Minister of Children

Cindy Stewart

Send Email  •  (501)281-5588

I do not work at the church during the week, but you can call the office at 501-882-6189 and leave me a message, or you can reach me on my cell at 501-281-5588.


I'm looking for kids that love Jesus! Are you one of those kids? Come join us to learn more about Him at Sunday School, Sunday nights during mission education classes and in Awana on Wednesday nights. Send me an email or txt and let me know what God is doing in your life. Keep reading your Bible, and visit our Kids page to see what we are doing here at church. 




Financial Secretary

Denise Presley

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The church office is open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm
Office Phone 501-882-6189


Jamie Skinner

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The church office is open Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm
Office Phone 501-882-6189

Chairman of Deacon's

David Land

Send Email  •  (501)278-1672


Mel Tindle

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Gary Nelke

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Robert Skinner

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Tommy Jackson

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Steve Marston

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Tomie Allinder

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Larry Dugger

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Jamie Powell

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Buddy Griffin

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